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Hello ALL Fellow PAEMST recipients!

I am Sean Nank, a 2009 PAEMST recipient.  Many of you may remember our book entitled The Making of a Presidential Mathematics and Science Educator we published back in 2011.  I have been talking with Discovery Association Publishing House and they are interested in publishing volume 2 of the book!  This gives each of you who did not contribute in the first volume to have a chapter. We can each be published in a leading educational publication, which is the first of its kind!  Here is our chance to publish what we know best: our personal autobiographic experiences leading to our commitment to teaching.

The title of the book is The Making of a Presidential Mathematics and Science Educator, Volume II.  Also, each of our chapters are expected to focus around four predetermined query: 1)  What struggles/challenges have you faced in your life (especially grade school through college) that have influenced your entrance into teaching?  2)  What contributed to your outstanding teaching abilities?  3)  What inspires you to continue your endeavors in teaching and other goals you now have?  4)  What do you feel toward the National Science Foundation, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and the President for awarding you the PAEMST? Please make your chapters from three to ten pages in length. Use Microsoft Word (or compatible), one inch borders all around, double-spaced pages and Arial 12 point font. All chapters are due by August 16, 2015.  Send the chapters to:  Include your name, year of your award, math or science, and elementary or secondary in the document.

Again, every submitter who adheres to the parameters will be published (after the copy editors’ recommended corrections).  Our book will be available for purchase at the publisher's website and on If we pre-order books within the next four months, our cost will be significantly discounted.

The first book was met with support and excitement.  The second volume is equally anticipated but, to make it even better, I invite each of you to contact me with any input and questions. These volumes are legacies that have already affected the way many new and veteran teachers think about and engage in educational endeavors.  After all, we are authors who should help advise local, state, and national educational concerns.

Thank you and I look forward to the day of our book release,

Sean Nank

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My name is Sean Nank.  I am a mathematics educator, Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST) recipient, author, researcher, and consultant.

Below you will find the front cover of two books.  Click either book for a full description.

My major interests include mathematics education; curriculum theory and practice; interpretive research methods; high-stakes standardized assessments and the impact on classroom culture; and formative assessments to increase conceptual understanding especially in underrepresented populations.  A shift in STEM education must occur where the dichotomy between conceptual understanding and procedural knowledge is appropriately addressed.  Since assessments largely drive the curricula-in-use, such a change will not occur without fundamentally changing how and why we assess students.  Only then will the USA be able to compete in a global learning community.

My research interests include  Mathematics Curriculum and instruction, specifically as it relates to the culture of high-stakes standardized assessment, accountability, and student achievement especially as we transition to the Common Core State Standards.  My current research agenda centers on iPads and online formative assessments in STEM classrooms to increase achievement in underrepresented populations.

Click here for a current Curriculum Vitae.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you,

Sean Nank

Twitter:  @Sean_Nank

Sean Nank’s email:


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